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The following is a list of permitted and non-permitted streams for this type of waste.

    glass bricks with no concrete or other foreign objects
    double glazing with or without central spacer bar
    laminated and non-laminated safety glass
    armoured glass (bulletproof glass)
    mirror glass
    flat float glass (potentially with mastic)
    coated glass
    other inert waste (e.g., ceramics, stones, porcelain) >1%
    window frames
    crystal glass
    borosilicate glass block
    vitroceramic glass (e.g., cooker hobs, hotplates, etc.)
    heat-resistant glass (e.g., Pyrex, oven dish, sterilising jars, etc.)
    soiled corks > 3 %
    crushed glass with pieces of glass < 10 cm
    medical and laboratory glass
    coloured hollow glass > 5 %
    clear glass bottles or containers
    coloured glass bottles or containers
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