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The following is a list of permitted and non-permitted streams for this type of waste.

    branches maximum diameter: 10 cm
    plant waste, dead leaves and plants
    grass cuttings and weeds
    wood prunings
    coffee filters, coffee grounds, tea leaves
    vegetable and fruit peelings
    cut flowers and houseplants
    straw, hay
    maximum 25% (weight) in grass cuttings and hay
    CAUTION!!! Invasive plants: giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed
    treated wood, wood planks, beams, etc.
    branches and tree trunks and shrubs with Ø > 10 cm
    roots and tree trunks
    animal waste
    charcoal and ashes
    food waste (e.g., kitchen waste and leftovers)
    inert waste (e.g., soil, stone, glass)
    teabags and single-serve coffee containers
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