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The following is a list of permitted and non-permitted streams for this type of waste.

    containers < 8 litres
    plastic bottles and dispensers (e.g., water and fizzy drinks, milk, detergents, washing powder and gel, bath and shower products, softening and whitening products, distilled water)
    drink cartons
    metal packaging (e.g., drink cans, tins, caps, lids, food and cosmetic aerosols, aluminium trays and containers)
    plastic trays and containers (incl. foam containers)
    plastic pots, cups and tubes
    plastic bags, aluminium foil, or plastic film of domestic origin or use
    containers > 8 litres
    food waste (e.g., kitchen waste and food leftovers)
    aluminium foil
    "rigid plastics (e.g., buckets, baskets, boxes, bins, bins, drums, barrels, curver storage boxes, rainwater butts, refrigerated containers, cases, thermos flasks, etc.)
    packaging consisting of mixed materials, (e.g., a layer of plastic film and a layer of aluminium foil) which cannot be separated from each other
    packaging of motor oil, pesticides and silicone sealant
    hospital waste
    packaging of products containing toxic, corrosive or hazardous substances
    packaging with a child-safety cap
    foam, polystyrene
    plastic bags, aluminium foil or plastic film of industrial origin or use (e.g., pallet film or bags for raw materials)
    construction safety netting
    synthetic grass
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